Much to the disappointment of Wiccan witches who were under the impression that the Wiccan religion was established before other religions like Christianity, and that Christianity was plagiarized from Wicca. Some people believe that Wicca is a creation of Gerald Gardner, a British born in the 1900s, who claim to put the religion together and be one of Wicca’s founders in the 20th century. The truth of the matter is that he did not and he blatantly ripped off the likes of Aleister Crowley, Celtic lore, Freemasonry and Egyptian ideologies.

Usually, Wicca is referred to as a pagan religion but more recently more and more people are considering it as a religion on its own and that’s probably because Wicca has different sects just like Judaism and Christianity which we can call lineages or traditions. These terms are usually used interchangeably. The same lineage usually has a lot of individual covens within it. They are considered as covens of religious and spiritual family which is people coming together to unify their practices, perform magic together, worship a deity and support each other as a community. The open – minded lineage doesn’t really fit into any categories because it’s technically not Wiccan; it’s more of an eclectic Wicca because they allow members from any religion with any title that is quite unique from other covens with lineages that exists right now. They basically add on to the degrees that other people already have in other religions or something that they gained in their own time like if they do self initiations or whatnot. The ideas that were organized around the fact that members don’t want or may not want to conform to certain beliefs or practices to some standard but they still want to be in a community and can’t seem to find one that does not make them conform. Keep in mind that orthopraxy is more of an adherence to a standard but that standard can be defined by anyone which is why if you’re holding yourself accountable or you want to stick to your own tradition.

Wicca Founder and Influencer: Aleister Crowley and Anton Lavey

Some Wiccans particularly those who were followers of Gerald Gardner haughtily dismiss Aleister Crowly and even Anton Lavey, who were actually one of the founders of Wicca and have had major contributions to the world of magic, was deemed as raving lunatics. They scornfully rejected the philosophies, ideologies and teaching of aforementioned Wicca founders as idiotic ramblings of madmen. The truth is that they cannot justifiably point out that the founder of Wicca was no more insane than Lavey or Crowley being that Gardner made various claims about himself and how he knows the origins of the religion. Lavey and Crowley was in fact the people who influenced Gardner to create Wicca or perhaps carried the religion to the new world so how dare him say that their teaching were not relevant to the religion at all. The Book of Shadows that were written by Gardner including all the rituals and Wiccan ceremonies were all based on Aleister Crowley’s works. It only means that the entire belief system was based on Crowley and not from Gardner. Thousands of nomadic pursuits have prepared all of us for this day so that we can all live in such profound awareness of divinity and express ourselves to every experience, action, and thought. The values include compassion, respect, and happiness among others. So just imagine what the world will be like as these values become more and more central in the people’s everyday interactions. The Wiccan religion can help and teach an individual to use one’s innate miraculous powers as co – creators of the world, and the universe. It brings one to a development of deep spiritual practice of respect and love that Wiccans have for our planet not only for one’s physical bodies but also for the expression of the goddess. It also brings the recognition that each of us is inextricably interconnected with all that is.

For instance, Mother Earth gives birth to the plants in order to sustain life in general. She also gives birth to the plants and trees which allow living things like animals and humans to breathe, and in order to do such things, Mother Earth uses the energy of the sun. Just as a male animal gives its seed to the female, the sun uses its energy to fertilize Mother Earth so that she may give birth. Wiccans honor both the male and female aspects of the divine because it takes 2 aspects of energy to create life – it’s a loving union of the Lord and Lady or the God and Goddess which gives birth to all that is. In Christianity, God is deemed as someone who is separate from the world that He created and according to Christians, God dwells in the realms of heaven but in Wiccan religion, God is the world – all that is, is simply a part of the energy the divine. Such energy can’t be created or destroyed but is only transformed from one form to another. If you watch the process of nature, it occurs in cycles; seasons change, crops grow and harvested, people are born, reproduced, die and eventually are born again in a never – ending cycle. The natural cycle of life is somewhat similar to our spiritual selves which means our spirit also undergo through a cycle. For Wiccans, when people die we are reincarnated in some form since energy is never created nor destroyed but only changed. The mission of Wiccan spirituality and Wiccans is to bring all of these into the world. Wiccans are part of a group of people much like midwives that will bring the planet into a rebirth but in a much more spiritual sense and way of living.

That being said, it’s better for new Wiccans especially those who are interested in following “Wicca founder” Gerald Gardner to really go back to where your religion has originated; books authored by Gardner like High Magic’s Aid – which is also something that closely resembles Margaret Murray’s book, The Key of Solomon and Witchcraft Today – is where Gardner’s ideas came from to write his own book, The Book of Shadows that according to him include details of secret practices and beliefs.